Miranda KALEIDO-QUAD-DUAL-HD процессор мультиэкранный 2шт;

Miranda KALEIDO-QUAD-DUAL-HD процессор мультиэкранный 2шт;

Розничная цена 12.966 ₽($)
Специальная цена товара 1.300 ₽($)
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Код товара: 200030

Масштабатор, видеопроцессор или преобразователь видеосигнала Miranda Kaleido Quad Dual HD Multi-Image Display Processor Multiviewer -

Miranda KALEIDO-QUAD-DUAL-HD процессор мультиэкранный 
(12966 у.е.)

Сдвоенный мультиэкранный процессор с резервными блоками питания, 4х2 входа PAL/SECAM или SD/HD-SDI, высота 1Uх2 система полиэкранного изображения на 4 цифровых источника.
Dual, quad-split processor (HD/SD/Composite)
The Kaleido-Quad-Dual combines two independent, high quality quad-split processors in a single 1RU frame for optimal space efficiency. This processor is ideal for applications such as mobile truck monitoring, which typically demands high density monitoring across multiple, high quality but inexpensive LCD monitors.

  • Space efficient monitoring with two independent quad-splits in 1RU
  • Full flexibility with respect to image window sizing and positioning
  • Easy on screen mouse operation
  • Auto-sensing HD-SDI, SDI and Analog Composite inputs
  • High quality DVI and RGBHV outputs with up to 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • Video/audio signal probing, including signal black, freeze and luminance too high, audio presence, overload, mono and out of phase alarms
  • Integrated SNMP agent and IP based remote control protocol. Fully supported by iControl Web
  • Optional remote control panel
  • Built-in redundant power supplies
  • Embedded, AES and Analog audio level metering with monitoring outputs
  • Source IDs and tallys slaved from TSL, Andromeda and Image Video UMD controllers.
  • Up/Down timers and clock displays
  • Aspect ratio safe area markers
  • Lower cost, single quad-split versions available


Miranda KALEIDO-QUAD-DUAL-HD процессор мультиэкранный 2шт;Увеличить  Miranda KALEIDO-QUAD-DUAL-HD процессор мультиэкранный 2шт;Увеличить 

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