Дозатор LKB Wallac 1291 Reagent Dispenser

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200 руб/$ в наличии на складе в Москве

реагент дозатор для пробирок FOR IN VITRO DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES 5-35UL 100-400ul

LKB Wallac 1291 Reagent Dispenser for In Vitro Diagnostic Purposes The 1291 Dispenser is a pump action dispenser specially designed for the precise delivery of small volumes of liquid The LKB-Wallac 1291 Dispensers have been designed for the precise addition of small volumes of reagents The volume range of the 1291-001 Dispenser is 5-35ul for one addition and that of the 1291-002 is 100-400ul. By doing multiple additions the required sample volume can be quickly reached Up to three keyboard operated automatic dispensers can be used with the Luminometer

Дозатор LKB Wallac 1291 Reagent DispenserУвеличить 

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