Дека 2х кассетная TASCAM 202mkIII, автореверсная

Дека 2х кассетная TASCAM 202mkIII, автореверснаяУвеличить

230 ₽($) в наличии на складе в Москве

Код товара: 10014

25-19KHz(Metal) 18KHz(CrO2) 17KHz(Norm)0.06% ! 2 кармана REC

Оригинальное название: TASCAM 202 mkIII Double Cassette Deck Tascam 202mkIII Double Auto Reverse Cassete Deck 1994 Тип: Dual Cassette Deck Особенности: Auto Reverse Playback Глава типа: 2-Head These are the Tascam 202mkIII main features: Speed 3¾ ips - 9.52 cm/s 1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s Tape Automatic Tape Type Selection Chrome Tape Capabılity Normal Tape Capabılity Metal Tape Capabılity General Stereo Head Configuration 2 Head Desiǥn 4 Track / 2 Channel Operation Full Logic Transport Control Blank Search Intro Scan Record Mute Music Scan Transport Auto Reverse Belt Drive (Capsŧan) Motorized Tape Loading Auto Shutoff Single Capsŧan Transport (x2) Exterior 19-Inch EIA Rack Mounting Front Loading Orientation Left / Right Black Finish Display 4-Digıt Digital Counter Digital Peak-Reading Meters Power Requirements Alternating Current Connectivity 2 Mono Microphone Inputs Headphones RCA Input/Output Connectors AC Power Cord / Plug CD Synchro Controls 3-Position Direction Selector Double Deck Dual Counter High Speed Dubbing Synchro Copy Dual Deck Recording/Playback Noise Reduction Dolby-B Noise Reduction Dolby-C Noise Reduction Dolby HX Pro® Preamplifier Record Level Balance Control Master Record Level Control Tascam 202 MKIII Professional Dual Cassette Deck This dual cassette deck is ideally suited for both dubbing and continuous-looping playback applications. Two twin-head cassette decks in a durable housing can be used separately or intandem during recording and playback. Additional features include dual recording speeds, computerized program searching and other functions that make editing tapes quick and easy. Can record on both sides simultaneously Dolby B and C noise reduction with HX Pro headroom extension Normal and High speed dubbing Two motor IC logic transport control system Electronic digital tape counter Auto tape selection Fine tune bias control Unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs 19" x 5.7" x 11.2" (482 x 144 x 286 mm) 10.6 lbs (4.8 kg)

Дека 2х кассетная TASCAM 202mkIII, автореверснаяУвеличить  Дека 2х кассетная TASCAM 202mkIII, автореверснаяУвеличить 

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