Aeta HiFi Scoop 3 5A bsp; Железный кодек аудио HiFi 56-256 kbi речь музыка уроки в сети

Aeta HiFi Scoop 3 5A  bsp; Железный  кодек аудио  HiFi  56-256 kbi речь музыка уроки в сетиУвеличить

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Код товара: 10032

Кодек аудио (железный) HiFi Scoop AETA, 56-256 kbi

запихивает в интернет звук. 19 дюймов железныйящик. 

MPEG Layer II, Layer III,G.722 and ADPCM� ITU-T J52-compliant algorithm� 2, 4 and 6B channel operation� Mono, stereo, joint stereoand dual mono modes HIFI Scoop 3AudioCodec� Full duplex operation� AES/EBU option� Auxiliary data channel� Bit rates up to 384 kbps� Remote supervision software available� Universal power supply� 19" rackmountLinking Innovation With Clarity

CodingChannelCodingBandwidthBit rateFECDataAuxillarymodefrequency FcmodechannelAudioG722 H221M16764k�300-4800�G722 H221DM1672x64k�300-4800�G722 SRTM16764k���G722 SRTDM1672x64k���4SB ADPCMM321528K�300-4800X4SB ADPCMS3215256K�300-4800XMPEG Layer IIM167 to 2064k0 to 3300-9600XDM24depending128kS32on Fc192kJS48256k320k348kMPEG Layer IIIM3215 to 2064k0,2,3300-9600XDM48depending128kSon FcJSTDACM321564k�300�Technical SpecificationsAudio� Full Duplex� Audio Interfaces� Analog- Symetrical, transformer isolated- Maximum level: 21 dBu/dBm- Input impedance: 600 Ω or 10 k Ω- Output impedance: <100 Ω� Digital- AES/EBU format- Impendance: 110 Ω- Sampling frequency: 32, 48 KHz or synchronized on AES input� Headphone- 1/4" jack, adjustable output, 25 Ω� Audio Performances� Bandwidth- From 20 Hz to 7 kHz (FS=16 kHz) (FS=24 kHz),15 kHz (FS=32 kHz), 20 kHz (FS=48 kHz)� THD + N < -80dB (0.01%) 1 2 3� Stereo- Channel separation > 80 dB1- Gain difference < 0.3 dB1- Phase difference < 3�1Notes: 1 over the full 20 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth2 direct connection from the A/D-D/A converter3 input/output 1 dB below clipping levelWhat is J52?Normally, if a field codec attempts to communicate via MPEG Layer II with a station codec set for Layer III, the algorithms areincompatible and there will be no connection. However, thanks to J52 - a mode that only AETA Audio includes as standard on all of its products - the station codec set for Layer III will recognize the incoming algorithm and automatically default backto Layer II operation in order to communicate. The beauty of J52 is that it requires absolutely no operator intervention. No longer do you have to manually change the algorithm, and never again will you miss an incoming signal because of an incompatibility.Operational Information� Dialing- Built-in keypad- Automatic answering� User Interface- Backlit LCD display: 2 x 16 characters- Dust/breakage-free Lexan� keypad� LEDs- Audio input level , 18 LEDs for: 0 to -27 db(referenced to the clipping level = 16 dBu)- Int voltage alarm: 12v & 5v- Ext test alarm- Ext clock alarm� Network interface- ISDN: U, S/T single basic rate interface (RJ45)- V24 (sub D-9)� General- Loopback mode for network testing- Universal power supply: 85 to 260 VAC- Dimensions: 3.75 x 19 x 12.5 in. (H x W x D)- Weight: < 13 lbs - Operating temp range: 32�F to 113�F 95% humidityAETA AUDIO CORPORATION75 Fleetwood Dr. Suite 200 � Rockaway,New Jersey 07866Phone:(973) 659-0555 � Fax:(973) 659-9555 Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.
Это следующая модель уже она до 384 кбс, у нас предыдущая 265кбс, не такой точно

Aeta HiFi Scoop 3 5A System

Audio codec for a high quality, rock-solid, contributor's link. A remote connection you can depend on. Used for backing up of leased lines, for interconnecting regional stations and for International links.


Scoop 3


Scoopy 3 Back view

Features include:

  • Adapts to calling codec without user intervention
  • 64 to 384kbit/s transmission rates
  • ISDN, X24, X21, V11, V35 interfaces
  • broad choice of compression algorithms including low delay coding, G722 and MPEG
  • Broadcast quality with transformer isolated inputs & outputs
  • Optional remote control via ethernet IP.

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