Видеорегистратор LAN! Everfocus PowerPlex eDR400

Видеорегистратор LAN! Everfocus PowerPlex eDR400

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Код товара: sec010

4-х кан. трипл. MPEG-1 и JPEG; 4 тревожных вх/вых, детектор движения, генератор титров, аудиоканал; ТСР/IP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP удаленный доступ по LAN и Internet; DC 24B, можно использовать на транспорте 12в

Видеорегистратор PowerPlex eDR-400  LAN!

Everfocus PowerPlex eDR400 Security DVR for CCTV Video
Питание 24в, можно использовать на транспорте.
4-х канальный триплексный видеорегистратор MPEG-1 и JPEG компрессия; 4 тревожных входа; 4 тревожных выхода (2NC, 2NO); емкость архива 250 Гб ( в комплекте); 'горячая' замена; детектор движения - матрица 16х12 с регулировкой чувствительности; генератор титров - 10 знаков; многоуровневый пароль; 1 аудиоканал; поддерживает протоколы ТСР/IP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP удаленный доступ может осуществляться по LAN и Internet; перенос архива на CD-RW; 256x178x88 мм, DC 24B, 36 Вт.

The PowerPlex eDR400, 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder combines the power of triplex multiplexing and digital video, recording into one comprehensive unit. The compact design is suitable for conventional surveillance in limited spaces where only 4 cameras are required. The EDR series digital video recorders provide excellent picture quality with comprehensive programming that can be easily configured to meet a customer's need. Network and internet capabilities enhance the power of remote monitoring. The PowerPlex eDR400 is the only suitable weapon for security surveillance today.

Non-PC Baser Operation System Built with Embedded system, eDR400 has the most stable and reliable operations that apply for any secure needs.

TWO products in ONE Combining conventional 4 channel triplex multiplexer and time-lapse VCR in one compact unit. eDR400 records the multiplexer output onto a hard disk with hight quality imagese, it eliminates the hassles of tape management.

REMOTE SURVEILLENCE capability Unbeatable eDR400 provides remote viewing, access and control via TCP/IP, LAN, WEB Browser, and WAP phone.

E-Mail Alarm Notification Up to 8 e-mail addresses can be sent when alarm happened. Immediate Alarm-notification is the ultimate performance of the security surveillance system.

Triplex operation for simultaneously Viewing, Recording, and Playback
4 camera inputs
Auto PAL and NTSC format detection
Built-in MPEG I and JPEG compression/decompression
Built-in one Hot Swappable Hard Drive
Continuous recording, Event Recording, and time-lapse recording modes
Pre-Alarmed recording of up to 5 seconds
4 alarm inputs with configurable actions mapped to time zones
4 alarm outputs ( 2 N.C. / 2 N.O.)
Event logging for video loss, motion detection, alarm input, alarm reset, power on/off
Records up to 30 frames per second
Multiple password authorization for high degree of security
Remote surveillance and control via TCP/IP, LAN, Web Browser, WAP phone
Remote alarm notification via E-mail
Remote upload/download of system configurations
Optional audio recording capability
Up to 4 eDR400s stackable architecture User friendly Graphic Design interface
Nonvolatile program memory protects all programmable features against power loss
System Auto Recovery after power failure guarantees robust security surveillance
Stable and reliable Non-PC based operation system
Encrypted transmission for data protection

Video format: NTSC/EIA of PAL/CCIR (auto-sensing)
Video Input: 4 camera inputs (BNC), IVp-p/75ohm
Video Output: 1 VGA monitor output, D-Sub 15 pin
Video Compression: JPEG and MPEG-1
Video Resolution: 352x240 (NTSC) ; 352x288 (PAL) 16 millions true color, 640x480 (NTSC); 800x600 (PAL)
CompactFlash Memory: 32MB
Alarm Input: 4 inputs (N.C., N.O.)
Alarm Output: Motion 4 outputs (2 N.C., 2 N.O.)
Motion Detection: Yes, 16 (width) x 12 (height) matrix
Video Loss Detection: Yes
Event Log: Yes
Hard Disk Storage: 3.5" half height, IDE type, Hot swappable
Recording Mode: Continuous, Time-lapse recording, Event recording
Recording Rate: Up to 30/25 fps for NTSC/PAL
Playback Rate: Up to 30/25 fps for NTSC/PAL
Playback Search: Date/Time, Camera, Alarm, Motion search
Setup: On screen setup
User Interface: Graphic User Interface
User Input Device: Mouse (Default) and Keyboard (Optional)
Title: 10-character title generator for each camera
Sequential Switch: Programmable, with adjustable dwell time
Watch Dog Timer: Yes
Security: Multi-level password protection
System Protection: Auto power on after power loss recovery
Remote access: Internet Explorer / Netscape with JAVA support
Remote notification: By e-mail
Network protocol: HTTP, SMTP, TCP/IP, ICMP, ARP
Fast Ethernet: RJ45 connector x 2
RS-232/485: 2 x RS232 Connectors or 1 x RS232 connector, 1 x RS485 connector (programmable)
Audio: 1 microphone input, 1 speaker output
Archive: 2 USB ports: one for CD-RW Drive, one for color printer (HP or EPSON)
Power Source: DC 24V
Power Consumption: 36W
Dimension: 256mm (L) x 178mm (W) x 88mm (H)
Weight: 2.7 Kgs / 5.94Lbs
Operating Temperature: 0°C - +50°C

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