Телефоны в прямом эфире для радио студии . Gentner TS612 Six-Line Studio Telephone System

Телефоны в прямом эфире для радио студии . Gentner TS612 Six-Line Studio Telephone SystemУвеличить

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Gentner TS612 Six-Line Studio Telephone System

Telephone Interface  TS612

TS612: The TS612 phone system interfaces up to 6 or 12 telephone lines to its two internal digital hybrids providing conferencing up to four callers. All telephone lines may be answered or placed to hold or to air from any of three control points with TS612 Control Surfaces. TS612 Control Surfaces are mutiline telephones that incorporate special broadcast related features like hold, air, conference, VIP, next, record, mute, and aux. With separate hold and screened hold queues, a screener may prescreen calls before placing them to air. Screening calls is done with a standard TS612 control surface or the optional TS612 ScreenWin Software. The TS612 also supports split studio to provide access to telephone lines from 2 studios and a network interface mode which allows a network of 9 studios and 120 telephone lines.



Gentner/Comrex TS612 Digital Hybrid Broadcast Phone Interface

Industry-Standard Broadcast Telephone Screening/Interface Unit with Automatic Digital Line Nulling

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This auction is for a Gentner Digital Hybrid broadcast phone-in interface - which connects a telephone line to your broadcast console.

A computer-controlled line optimization process (the burst of white noise you hear when the DJ or screener answers the call) ensures that the system is adjusted for the specific line conditions associated with each incoming call.

The large majority of phone-in calls you hear on the air today are passing through one of this range of boxes.

The user manual may be obtained here.  Unit has firmware V1.6.  A view of the interior is available here View 1, View 2.  Two line cards are installed so this unit can interface to 6 phone lines or analog PABX extensions.  The unit is expandable to 12 lines.

Input voltage can range from 85-240V.  Listing includes rack mount Mainframe Unit, Control Surface, Control Surface power supply, Interconnect cable.  Does not include documentation or software etc.  The connectors on the rear for the lines are standard 50 Pin Centronics types.  If you need matching plugs then they may be obtained here.

Manufacturer's Product Overview

The TS612 is a multi-line telephone system designed to bring caller audio into a broadcast situation.

The mainframe contains two internal digital hybrids that provide high-quality interface to six telephone lines (expandable to 12). The dual hybrids allow the TS612 to operate as a single-studio telephone system able to conference up to four callers simultaneously or as a two-studio system able to conference two callers to each studio.

The TS612 supports a dedicated call-screening control surface. An off-air screener takes incoming calls and places them in a screened-hold queue.

The on-air talent or producer presses the NEXT button on the main control surface and the call is immediately on-air.

The integrated mix-minus provides superior audio quality and simple installation. Automatic gain control (AGC) provides consistent audio levels on all calls. The TS612 can be configured to operate as a single-studio dual hybrid system, or as two independent studios with a single digital hybrid for each studio. The system is expandable via the Network Interface to accommodate up to 9 studios sharing 12 telephone lines.


  • Split-Caller mode brings the two hybrid outputs to the audio console independently.
  • Split-Hybrid mode brings the two hybrid outputs to the console independently and returns your program mix to the TS612 on two separate channels.
  • Previous-Hold places calls on hold automatically when you select another line.
  • Two-Button Hold allows you to place a single call on hold when two or more lines are conferenced together.
  • Two-Button Off allows you to disconnect any line by pressing the OFF button followed by the button for the line to be disconnected.
  • 6 or 12 lines
  • Auto Mix-Minus
  • RS-232 control (Enhanced)
  • Drop-in console panels
  • Expandable system
  • Optional screener air control
  • Aux I/O control (Enhanced)
  • Held audio input for callers on hold


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