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Описание товара
Invivo Escort Prism Vital Signs Monitor w- CO2 . Preowned with Good Condition.
The Escort Prism is an extremely compact and lightweight portable monitor. These units are scalable with up to 11 vital signs and 5 waveforms being displayed on the large color LCD display. The unique combination of features set new standards for flexibility, performance and value. This unit is the perfect balance of bedside and transport capabilities that make it an ideal solution for a broad range of patient care applications. Also includes ETCO2.
The portable MDE Escort Prism SE has a battery and is easily transportable for any situation. This Escort Prism SE is the newer style of the popular Escort family, with BUILT-IN parameters including ECG-RESP, SPO2, NIBP, temp, as well as Turbo-temp and a printer. The large color monitor screen is great and can be adjusted for optimal viewing.
Multi-parameter patient monitor
Compact and modular design
Monitors ECG, NiBP, SpO2, and Respiration.
10.4" monitor with up to 5 waveforms
Large color LCD display
Operates on AC current or internal battery
Built-in chart recorder
Soft touch buttons to respond to screen prompts
Audible and visual alarms; alarm sets and mute
Connectors for NIBP cuff, SPO2, ECG, temp and CO2
9-pin I-O and VGA out
Model: Prism 20413
Battery Used: 1sealed Lead Acid
Duration,Hr: 3.5
Dimensions (H x W x D), Cm, (In): 23.6x 30 X 21.6 (9.3x 11.8 X 8.5)
Weight, kg (lb): >5.7 (12.6)
Age Group: Infant to Adult
Line Voltage, VAC: 115-230 Selectable, 48-62 Hz Autosensing
Recorder: Modular
Paper Speed, Mm-S: 1.56, 6.25, 12.5, 25; 1 Oxycrg
CRT Display (Accelerating): TFT Color LCD
Qty 1 - MDE Escort Prism model 20413
Qty 1 - ECG cable
Qty 1 - Blood pressure cuff
CO2 CABLE is NOT included
Only items specified in the contents section are available with product. If questions please feel free to contact us.
Cosmetic - Good
Working - Good

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