Leitch FR-6804-1 Frame w/ 2 VSE-6801, 5 VSD-6801, 1 PS

Leitch FR-6804-1 Frame w/ 2 VSE-6801, 5 VSD-6801, 1 PS

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Leitch FR-6804-1 Frame w/ 2 VSE-6801, 5 VSD-6801, 1 PS

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This auction is for a Leitch FR-6804-1 Frame with 8 modules and 1 power supply that was recently removed from service. The unit was tested to power on.  


  • 2 VSE-6801 Serial Equalizing/Reclocking Distribution Amplifier DA's
  • 5 VSD-6801Serial Digital Distribution Amplifier Modules - 1x input/8 outputs
  • 1 VDA-6830 Video DA
  • 1 Power Supply

The FR-6804-1 is a 2RU frame with fold-down front panel that accepts any mix of up to ten modules. It comes complete with one 6804PS-1 plug-in power supply with a locking AC connector and is pre-wired for an optional second 6804PS-1 for cases requiring total back-up power. LED pilot lights indicate operation. An easy to clean dust filter on the front of the frame prevents airborne contaminants from accumulating in the frame.

The high efficiency 6804PS-1 power supply is a self-contained ventilated plug-in module that accepts line voltages from 95-265VAC. An external DC power connector allows several frames to be paralleled together, providing power supply back-up without redundant supplies. A master power switch is located on the face of the 6804PS, and a fuse is located internally. LED pilot lights indicate power supply function and overheating. A General Purpose Interface (GPI) is provided for indication of supply failure


  • For up to 10 modules
  • Accepts any combination of up to ten 6800 series modules in only 2RU

The VSE-6801 Serial Equalizing Distribution Amplifiers provide the equalization and reclocking features required for distribution of serial video over longer distances (up to 300m for composite or 200m for component serial video).

The VDA-6830 is a general purpose distribution amplifier with excellent linearity and gain stability for solving common mode errors. It can handle anything from nominally 0.7Vp-p non-composite video to 2Vp-p subcarrier. Low power consumption and high temperature stability make this a very reliable, inexpensive distribution amplifier.

Leitch FR-6804-1 Frame w/ 2 VSE-6801, 5 VSD-6801, 1 PS 

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