DigiDesign MH033 Video Slave Driver VSD Sync

DigiDesign MH033 Video Slave Driver VSD Sync

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Для синхронизации своих систем Digidesign выпустила Video Slave Driver (VSD) и SMPTE Slave Driver (SSD). Интересно, что чип для SSD с варьируемой частотой клока и очень низким джиттером был разработан небезызвестной ныне компанией Apogee.

The Video Slave Driver (VSD) is a peripheral device for Digidesign audio interfaces that allow direct hardware resolve capability to an external video sync or Word Clock source. The VSD is intended for use in professional post production or music facilities where composite video sync (also known as black burst or house sync) is used as a central reference to synchronize tape transports and editing systems. While Digidesign audio interfaces maintain a very consistent speed on their own via an extremely stable internal crystal oscillator, projects requiring exact synchronization of audio and video over long periods of time require a single "master clock." This clock (in the form of a black burst or house sync signal), can precisely control the recording and playback speed of Pro Tools and other devices such as video tape recorders and digital multi-track recorders. Application: Post-production specialists who need to sync Pro Tools to a video or word clock source.

DigiDesign MH033 Video Slave Driver VSD Sync
The Video Slave Driver (MH033, VSD) is a synchronization peripheral that allows Digidesign systems to resolve to Blackburst or Word Clock.
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Supported Interfaces: 888 I/O, 882 I/O, 882 Studio, 442 I/O, ProMaster 20.
Sample Rates: 44056 (44.1k Pull Down), 44100, 47952 (48k Pull Down), 48000. (The exact pulldown SR is the ratio 1000/1001 which repeats to an infinite number of decimal places.)
Sync Source: Video Sync (NTSC or PAL) or Word Clock Sync.
Lock Range: +/-50 ppm.
Video Sync In: NTSC or PAL video, .5v to 2v p-p, (unterminated).
Word Clock Sync In: Rising Edge Triggered, 6.3 to 60 mA opto-isolated.
Word Clock Sync Out: 1x sample rate, TTL.
Slave Clock Sync Out: 256x Sample Rate, TTL.
Connectors: All sync input/output connectors are Female BNC type.
Power: 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC, automatic voltage switching, 50-60Hz, 30 watts maximu

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