частотный преобразователь LENZE 472 1 Q Dc контроллер скорости

частотный преобразователь   LENZE 472    1 Q Dc контроллер скоростиУвеличить

15.000 руб/$ в наличии на складе в Москве

для двигателя постоянного тока АС 380/220->DC 280V 15A 4KW Lenze 1 Q DC Speed controller 470 - Type : EVD472--E

Силовой частотный преобразователь для двигателя постоянного тока LENZE 472-E.1F, регулируется потенциометром .

Питание АС 380 вольт или 220 вольт(перепаять перемычку) .

Выход постоянный ток до 280 вольт, максимально 16А , это 4 Кв.

472 E1 - SPEED CONTROLLER - LENZE LENZE Reference 472 E1 This 472 E1 and LENZE brand variable speed controller is a Lenze DC drive. Series 470. Speed controller : 4kW, 50/60Hz, 200V, 260V, 380V, 16A

The 470 series of controllers comprises three single quadrant controllers with output powers from 1.3 kW to 7 kW. The most important features include: • Compact controllers with isolated heatsink

• Operation with tacho or armature voltage feedback with "I x R compensation"

• Isolation of control electronics and power stage when tacho feedback is used

• Self-synchronization of the phase shifter for 50 ... 60-Hz mains

• High interference margin due to integrated synchronizing filter

• Burst-gate thyristor control in the power stage

• Reliable operation also for mains voltage fluctuations and short-term mains failures due to static and dynamic voltage monitoring

• Display of the operating states using LEDs

• Free connections for set-value delay, actual value differential component, speed reset time

• Option board can be retrofitted: − Set-value integrator 2003 − Winding calculator 1071

• Compliance with the CE directives for the erection of a CE conform drive system The controllers of the types 47x are electrical equipment for the installation into control cabinets of electrical systems or machinery.

• The controllers of the types 47x are designed as components for the control of speed-variable drives with separately-excited DC motors or for the assembly with other components to form a machine or system.

580,00 € бу

Lenze 1 Q Dc контроллер скорости 470-Type: EVD472-E-новый US $1 500,00

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