Микшер Carvin SL24 Studio Live Series 24CH Mixer Board

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Carvin SL24 Carvin Studio Live Series S/L 24 24CH Mixer Board, No Power Supply w/ Road Case The SL mixer series uses an external power supply, the SLP5600. AC power is connected to the SLP5600 and is in turn connected tothe mixer via a 4 wire Speakon™ cable. If an alternate Speakon™cable is to be used, be sure it is a 4 wire cable. Not all Speakon™cables have 4 wires. 5) After connecting your power supply and zeroing the console, turn on the mixer via the red powerswitch on the SLP5600 power supply. Test the mixer by plugging a microphone into a channel XLRinput, turn up the gain control at the top of the channel and turn up the channels fader. While talkinginto the microphone, the channel meters should be showing signal. Some adjustment to the gain con-trol and fader may be needed to see the signal on the channel meters. Now assign the channel to anyof the master groups or Left-Right via the channel assignment switches 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, or L-R.After adjusting the corresponding master fader, the master meters should be showing signal.This is a very simple turn on/setup procedure. The SL series consoles use the SLP5600 external power supply. The SLP5600 power supply is a two space rackmountable power supply which provides the required DC voltages for the SL series. Power RequirementsIt is best to supply the SLP5600 with its own dedicated circuit. This reduces possible loss of power to the consoleif other circuit breakers are over loaded and tripped. The SLP5600 is supplied with a 6 AMP circuit breaker locatedon the rear panel. Should this breaker trip, turn off the power switch on the front panel and press in the black andwhite tab on the breaker. The circuit breaker is a thermal metal breaker, so it may not turn on immediately after trip-ping. Continue pressing every few seconds until the breaker latches. Now turn on the power again, if the breakertrips again, check for the proper cable connections.Safety GroundThe SLP5600 is supplied with a third wire safety ground connected to the power cord. This should never bedefeated. Along with providing the best grounding for the console, the safety ground prevents the possibility ofelectrical shock if a live wire comes into contact with the chassis. If grounds need to be lifted due to ground loopnoises, only lift grounds on signal cables not on the AC power cords. Mixer ConnectionThe SLP5600 is supplied with a ten foot four conductor Speakon™ cable. This can bereplaced with any 16 ga. or higher 4 conductor Speakon™ cable 25 ft or under. TheSpeakon™ connector is a twist and lock system providing a secure connection at alltimes.Fan CoolingThe SLP5600 is internally fan cooled. The fan cooling system automatically turns onwhen needed for cooling. On the larger consoles this fan system may remain on con-tinuously for maximum cooling and uninterrupted operation.Power IndicationThere are three forms of indication that the power supply is on and functioning nor-mally. First is the lighted power switch which lights when turned on. Second is thegreen LED in the master section of the mixer labeled “power” which indicates the mixer is being supplied with theproper voltages. Third is the internal power supply LEDs which can be seen through the front panel vent holes.These LEDs are Red for ±18V, Green for +48V and Yellow for the fan on mode.9. SLP5600 power supply 24SPECIFICATIONSAC INPUTPower required 300 VAMaximum of 3 Amps120 VACDC OUTPUT+48 Volt .5 Amps+18 Volt 3 Amps- 18 Volt 3 Amps



12. Studio / Live series consoles specs & accesoriesAll specs measured on (56 Channels Frame)20-20kHz, Rs=150Ω, RL=600Ω.unless otherwise noted._Total Harmonic Distortion Channel Fader @ nominalMaster Output = +14DbuFrequency20 - 20kHz @ 1kHz+10DBu Mic Input 10Hz - 100kHz +1DB -3DB_Hum and Noise(input gain @ maximum, input sensitivity -55DB)Equivalent input noise84DBTape in to master output > 30DBMic in to direct out > 77DBChannel EQLow Cut 12DB /octave75HzHIGH:Shelving±15DB @ 12kHzHI MID: Peaking±15DB @ 200 - 5kHz, Q = 0.67LO MID: Peaking±15DB @ 80 - 2kHz, Q = 0.67LO :Shelving± 15DB @ 75Hz

Channel Peak indicatorsFull brightness @ -3DB < clip

Phantom Power +48V available at all balance XLR microphone inputs Accesories AN24 Touring case AN40 Touring case AN56 Touring case G12V 12V XLR light

SLP5600 120v Spare Power Supply SP10 10’ Speakon™ power cable SP25 25’ Speakon™ power cable SL-88001 8 channel input card SL-88004 main output cardSL-88005 main meter bridge card SL-88006 channel meter bridge card27contact Carvin at 800-854-2235 to order, or visit www.carvin.com

The SL consoles are equipped with :

• 24, 40, 56 channel frames.

• Low noise mic-pre amps EIN=128dB min.

• 4 band, dual mid sweep, Channel EQ.

• 8 auxiliary sends: 2 pre, 2 pre/post, 2 post, (stereo) pre/post fader.

• 4 stereo returns w/ Aux 1 & 2 sends, pan and level.

• 8 master groups w/ L-R, assignment and pan, mute and solo.

• Comprehensive master control room section with separate studio controls.

• Specially designed high current headphone outputs.2.

Installations7The S/L series console dimensions are in Appendix B for table size and custom installments. A good installation will keep inmind placement proximity to potential noise sources and positioning the mixer where the sound can be heard clearly from theaudience’s perspective. The outboard SLP5600 AC power supply is also a consideration when installing a console of this caliber. The AC power for themixer and the rest of the sound system needs to first of all, have the capacity to power the system. Be sure power amps and otherhigh power portions of the system are on large enough and, if possible, separate breakers. It’s possible to lose one or two poweramps in a large system and deal with a 3-6 dB drop in output but if the power amp takes the mixing console with it, you’ve losteverything. Also, with AC power try to avoid using the same power outlets used by stage lighting.

The performance lights typi-cally require large amounts of power and produce heavy AC power spikes when switched on and off. These lights and many ban-quet room lights can be on solid state dimmer controllers, which produce noisy spikes on their AC power lines. These noises canonly cause headaches for a sound system and nightmares for a recording studios because some of the spikes are emitted andcan’t be taken out by power conditioners.The placement of the mixing console in live sound situations is often misunderstood. Especially when a promoter or banquetdirector sees the console as taking up valuable floor space or as an eye sore at a fancy show. The placement of the mixing con-sole is very important in hearing the performance from the perspective of the listeners. The placement for routing cables is fairlyobvious, avoid large power transformers, air conditioners and lighting rigs! Note: the best sound location in a room will be nearthe console because that’s where the mix is created.

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