Электрофорез LKB Bromma 2197 Electrophoresis Power Supply Блок питания

Электрофорез  LKB Bromma 2197 Electrophoresis Power Supply  Блок питанияУвеличить

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10 to 2500 Volts DC, 1 to 250mA, and 0 to 100W

Блок питания (Лабораторное оборудование) LKB Bromma 2197 Electrophoresis Power Supply


LKB Bromma 2197 Electrophoresis Power Supply


The LKB Bromma 2197 Power Supply has control settings which allow for the adjustment of the voltage, current, power, hours, minutes, high/low and two sets of electrode connections and more. The Bromma LKB-2197 Power Supply was designed primarily for use in Electrophoresis; the motion of dispersed particles relative to a fluid under the influence of a spatially uniform electric field. These units provide an adjustable output of between 10 to 2500 Volts DC, 1 to 250mA, and 0 to 100W.

Quick Start Guide

The power supply produces LETHAL Voltages and must be treated with appropriate care.  

There are a number of safety features incorporated in the supply including optical safety interlocks on the outputs
and a remote interlock switch capable of disabling the supply when an enclosure is opened.

These supplies have been appearing on eBay and there is very little technical information available on the Net.  

I have been contacted by many people asking for advise on how to get their supplies working, because often they often appear faulty and will only display 0 on the red LED output and produce no output voltage.

In most cases, the units are not faulty but are simply defeated by their optical or electrical interlocks.

1.     If you don't have the remote plug inserted into the blue DB15 connector near the transformer, the power
        supply won't work.

2.     If you don't have the 'Interlock' connection link on the DB15 connector, the power supply won't work.

3.     You need to have BOTH sets of High Voltage leads (cables) inserted into the High Voltage Output 
         Ports (A & B  on front panel), or the power supply won't work.

4.     If the remote plug is not correct, the supply will just display 0.00 on the LED display and there will be no 
        output.   None of the control pots will change the display.

5.     If the remote plug is OK but both sets of output leads are not plugged in, the Voltage, Current and Power
        pots will change the display and you can set up to 2500V and 250mA and 100W respectively, but the High
        Voltage LED on the front panel will not light and there will not be any output.

Technical Reference Documents

I had been looking for technical material for these discontinued power supplies for some time, with little success.   These units are very reliable and are still in use in many scientific facilities, however the manufacturer or its susidiaries are no longer referring to them on any of their web sites.

Over a number of years, I have been contacted by a few technical people who have also been looking for this information, and between us, (many thanks to them) we've been able to locate the following:

                            LKB 2197 Instruction Manual.pdf            [ Size = 1.1 Mb ]

                            LKB 2197 Service Handbook.pdf           [ Size = 3.0 Mb ]

                            LKB 2197 Schematic.pdf                        [ Size = 1.7 Mb ]

Hopefully, these documents will assist others looking to repair or modify these units.

Important Note:

One of the technical people I have been in contact with informed me that he discovered that when you suddenly attach or remove a load on these supplies, there is quite a large output votage swing until the regulation stabilises the output to the required voltage.

This means that if you are operating any equipment on these supplies which is susceptible to large voltage variations, you should reconsider, or modify the circuit to improve the regulation hysteresis characteristic delay.  

I have been intending to investigate this further but have not had the time to do so yet.   If anyone has been sucessful in resolving this issue, please drop me an email with any details and I'll update this page accordingly.


These power supplies produce ouput votages which will easily result in serious injury or death if mishandled.

If you don't know how to work with high voltages safely, you should definitely not attempt to use or repair these power supplies. 

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