Базовая станция минисотовой системы связи Ericsson KRCNB 201 03/1 2 шт

Базовая станция минисотовой системы связи Ericsson KRCNB 201 03/1 2 штУвеличить

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2шт. уличное исполнение 12 DECT channels

Ericsson 1/KRCNB 201 03/1 R3A

Ericsson DECT Base Station BS 201 201 KRCNB 03/1 R3A

Base Station (The Base Station (BS) enables radio communication between the Integrated Cordless system and the portabletelephones. The communication via two 2B+D interfaces, requires two twisted pair cables. Both interfaces provide intotal eight 32 kbit/s speech paths between a BS and IC-LU, enabling a BS to handle eight simultaneous calls. The BSis connected to the IC-CU2 or IC-LU via two wire pairs called serial communication wires (SC0 & SC1) carrying up to8 simultaneous digital voice connections and the central power feeding. Apart from data communication these twotwisted pairs are also be used to distribute power to the BSs.

Two additional pairs can be wired to provide a greaterpowering range. There are three methods to power BSs:

1.centrally via backplane (with or without EPP)

2.centrally via external input (with / w.o EPP)

3.via local power supply (optional).

With the first and second methods power is distributed via the IC-LU to the BS. The cable length between BS andIC-LU depends on the number wires used for power feeding, the type of cable and environmental noise. In the thirdcase (local feeding), BSs are powered by an AC-adapter or another power source which is not routed via the cabinet.The number of BSs used in a system depends on the area to be covered and the traffic density. Typical in-housecoverage is up to 30 meter radius. In practice the cell size may vary between 10 meters indoors in worst case situations,up to 300 meters outdoor in free space.The BS has two main functions:

•to modulate a carrier with the digital encoded information (TDMA frame directed to portable)

•to demodulate a modulated carrier (TDMA frame received from portable).A special cover (KRY NB 101 01) is available to mount the BS (KRCNB 201 03) outdoors providing splash proofhousing and water tight sealings for the wirin https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1542081/Ericsson-Bdv-Bs-101-01.html?page=132

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