Антенна базовая KATHREIN 717758 25-41 MHz ( обрезается и

Антенна базовая KATHREIN 717758  25-41 MHz  ( обрезается иУвеличить

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Код товара: radio049

новая 100-200МГц ( обрезается и настраивается )

The Schomandl 717758 is a tunable Groundplane antenna for a wide frequency range. • Entire antenna at DC ground potential to prevent electrostatic noise and to improve lightning protection

• Wide frequency range achievable by cutting radials to desired length

• Variable mounting configurations allow feeder cable to be run inside or outside the support pipe.

• Stainless steel ground radials,hardware, and fastenings.

Type No. 717758 Input N female Frequency range 25 ... 61 MHz Gain (bez. λ /2-dipole) 0 dB Impedance 50 Ω Polarization Vertical Max. power 500 W (at 50 °C ambient temperature) Weight* 1.8 kg Wind load* 120 N (at 150 km/h) Max. wind velocity 120 km/h Packing size 3000 x ∅ 120 mm Radiator length max. 2510 mm Length of radials max. 2910 mm Order No. 80000855



Material: Radiator and radials: Fiberglass with imbedded stranded copper wire. Base: Aluminum. Mounting U-bolt, all screws and nuts: Stainless steel. Mounting: The antenna can be attached in two ways with the supplied mounting kit:

1. On the tip of a tubular mast of 40 – 54 mm diameter (connecting cable runs inside the mast).

2. Laterally at the tip of a tubular mast of 20 – 54 mm diameter (connecting cable runs outside the mast).

Radials: Tightening torque 25 Nm Tuning: By cutting radiator and radials to length in accordance to the mounting instructions. Grounding: All metal parts of the antenna including the mounting kit are DC grounded.


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